2021 EngageGCI Canceled

Dear Friends of EngageGCI,

The Covid pandemic we are going through has disrupted our lives in and out of our church environment. The regional and state requirements to social distance and to wear face masks has made most of our scheduled conferences impossible to plan for. As you are aware, some states are much more strict than other states, and because our conferences bring in people from many states, it is a lot to keep track of and attempt to plan for.

Our denomination takes a lot of things into consideration before canceling an event, one of which is people trying to plan their vacations and/or time off work. It’s not fair to those who need to inform employers and administrators ahead of time for their requested days off to simply hang in there and hope things will change. We have waited almost too long, but out of caution and care, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the ENGAGEGCI 2021 Celebration.

We know this is a disappointment and we know how much we miss gathering together in worship and in fellowship. But until social distancing requirements are lifted, and mask wearing is lifted, our ability to fellowship in a large gathering would be quite difficult, and we must comply with state and local mandates. 

Let’s continually remind ourselves that Jesus is not surprised or held back by this pandemic. While we are prevented from participating with him in some ways we are used to, he is continually providing opportunities to meet people in different ways. We constantly ask him to show us how we can join him in sharing his love and life with others.

We are looking forward to our annual celebration and gathering safely together in 2022. 

Thank you for your prayers and your faithful support during this long season of challenge, and may we all continue to rest in the assurance we have in Jesus.

EngageGCI Team.


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Jason Frantz

Jason Frantz recently transferred from Living Grace Fellowship in Kansas City, MO, to serve as pastor of the Christ Community Church in Cincinnati, OH. He and his wife, Julie, have three children.

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