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Disciple or Believer?

Friday  | 9–9:45am | Room D

All disciples are believers, but not all believers are disciples. In the same way, all followers of God are believers, but not all believers are followers of God. This workshop is designed to guide attendees through a short self-assessment as we examine the differences between believers and disciples and where we fit on the scale.

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Maintaining a focus on who we are, who we work for, and the mission at hand is necessary to successfully fulfill the mission of disciple making. This concentration helps us stay focused and confident on our part of the great commission. The great commission compels us to reach out to the world and share our belief. Let’s discuss how our walk as disciples could be made more effective.

Meet the Presenter

Kenneth Barker

A native of the twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago, Kenneth completed his doctoral degree in organizational and industrial psychology in 2017. He is the lead pastor at Shepherd’s Community Church in Harvey, IL. Kenneth and his wife, Lisa, have two children.