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Making Disciples

Including the Mentally Ill and Their Families

Friday  | 10–10:45am | Room D &

Saturday  | 9–9:45am | Room B

Within our culture, mental illness is one of the most misunderstood and stigmatized illnesses today.Frequently people with mental illness feel excluded; they and their families often don’t feel welcome at churches or fellowships. Learn how to reach out and show them that they are included within the body of Christ.

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Better understand the stigmas we have within our culture about mental illness and that people with mental illness need to hear they are loved and included in the sacrifice of Jesus as much as anyone else. Learn some ways to reach out, as well as ways the mentally ill may see the world. Understand some of the challenges they face. Become aware of things to say or not to say and ways to help them cope. For example, people who deal with chronic depression sometimes have trouble just accomplishing basic day-to-day tasks. Reaching out with a phone call, mowing a lawn, or taking a meal to them can be a huge help.

Meet the Presenter

JoAnn Lagge

JoAnn Lagge is the senior pastor for Grace Communion Church in Sioux Falls, SD. JoAnn and her husband, Dennis, have two sons. Ten years ago, one of her sons was diagnosed with a mental illness, and she and her husband became caregivers. The experience taught them firsthand about the stigma involved with mental illness.