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Saturday  | 9–9:45am | Room A

In this breakout session you will be introduced to the Timothy Project. Based on the biblical story of Paul and Timothy, participants will be encouraged to create intergenerational relationships with people in different places in their spiritual journey. Tips will be given to help participants identify someone to be their “Paul” as well as their “Timothy”

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Imagine the adventure awaiting as you become a part of an individual’s spiritual journey. So whether you are being mentored like Timothy or like Paul you are helping and guiding someone, mentoring could become an integral part of your life and spiritual journey. We will explore how to get started as a mentor and mentee. Being a part of another’s journey will also help you grow with your own. Adventure awaits.

Meet the Presenter

Izzy Hernandez

A recent graduate of the College of DuPage, 22-year-old Izzy Hernandez has grown up in the church but really started taking his faith more seriously only after finishing high school. He is currently a youth leader at Good Shepherd Church in Cicero, IL. He is excited to hear how young people have been affected by the story of Jesus and how they plan to share Him with those around them.

Emily Carithers

A graduate of Bethel College, Emily is currently a registered nurse at Elkhart General Hospital. She is passionate about youth and young adult ministry and desires to help young people realize their spiritual potential. She attends Grace Family Fellowships in Elkhart, IN.