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On a Mission from God

Saturday  | 9–9:45am | Room D

It might be a popular quote from the Blues Brothers, but the reality is our Father invites us to join Him in the family business of making disciples. This presentation is about spiritual formation and acquiring the tools necessary to spiritually prepare for your mission.

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Believers need deep spiritual roots to help us stand during times of crisis; to trust, believe, and obey God; and love our neighbor. We must know God to stay on mission. Let’s identify the obstacles that are making us sluggish or preventing us from moving forward spiritually and the tools to help us become consistent in spiritual growth.

Meet the Presenter

Lisa Barker

A passionate exhorter, worship leader, and speaker, Lisa works as a lead consultant for eChurchAdmin. She is a former vice president of fund development and special events of the Urban League of Broward County in Florida.  Lisa lives in Chicago with her husband Kenneth and their two children, Kelsey and Michael.