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Pain, Honesty, and Healing

Friday  | 10–10:45am | Room A | (Ages 15–23)

We are constantly told to show only the side that has it all together. Addressing our unique and shared trials, we will have an honest and open conversation about the ugly parts of life. We will look at ways to cope with and heal from our pain in the way God intended and spread hope to others.

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Young people in our churches today may be getting the false message that everything is okay, and if it isn’t, there is something wrong with them. However, regardless of how we are raised, what life experiences we face, and who we believe in, our time on earth can be riddled with pain, loss, and unanswered questions. Talking about these issues is one of the first steps to finding peace and perspective. Knowing there are others experiencing the same hardships helps build a sense of community and support. It is the facilitators’ hope that attendees will be encouraged and informed, knowing Jesus helps us to heal, to share the truth about our struggles, and to understand that the pain is only temporary.

Meet the Presenter

Izzy Hernandez

A recent graduate of the College of DuPage, 22-year-old Izzy Hernandez has grown up in the church but really started taking his faith more seriously only after finishing high school. He is currently a youth leader at Good Shepherd Church in Cicero, IL. He is excited to hear how young people have been affected by the story of Jesus and how they plan to share Him with those around them.

Jessica Newby

Jessica Newby is a recent high school graduate from Joliet West High School where she participated in cross country, choir, Group Interpretation, Jazz Cats, and other activities. This fall she started her college journey at Olivet Nazarene University and hopes to major in the field of education. She endured the struggles and privileges of growing up as a pastor’s kid in a household of eight and strives every day to have a deeper and more personal relationship with Jesus.